"I Love You, Adolf Hitler"

@aero89 (422)
United States
December 17, 2008 4:23am CST
Though it gave me the heebie-jeebies just typing it for my title, that might be something one little boy in Pennsylvania might hear a whole lot in his life. It seems as though his parents were just the kind of people to name him Adolf Hitler (Campbell). The parents were denied a birthday cake for the child by a local market in their area, and are apparently upset about it. Now, is it just me, or did they not see this coming? Did they think that the rest of the world would embrace their lil Adolf Hitler like they would? Did I mention that the boy has a sister whose (middle) name is Aryan Nation? Personally, I'm inclined to think they gave these poor kids those awful names for other reasons than, "it's a beautiful name, and nobody else has it". I think maybe they knew eventually something like this would happen, and that would give them grounds to sue or give them national headlines, probably the former. If it was an attempt to go against the grain, it worked. And it's despicable. I also think they might just love to be victims, and this was just another way to be one. Now they are officially 'discriminated against' and deep down, I think they had to be yearning for it (someone to disagree with the name) since day one. Sure, a lot of people kind of think outside the box when it comes to names for their children, and people come up with some nice and kind of creative names, but this goes waaay beyond the baby Espy (named for the sports channel ESPN). And even though they "liked" the names Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation, was it actually appropriate to call children by such names? Technically, the parents have the right, but don't the parents also have the moral obligation to treat their children with dignity and respect their innocence? Their children's names are associated with hate, and that's not going to go away in those kids' lifetimes...
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@Sheepie (3118)
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15 Jan 09
I just saw that on the news, and apparently, it was not just the name that ShopRite did not want to write on the birthday cake for little Adolf. They also asked for a Swastika! The Nazi symbol! So either the parents are hard core Nazis or they are making the hugest, stupidest prank the world has ever seen [as far as I know]