December 17, 2008 9:22am CST
I would like to hear from those people who have experienced white water rafting. Please share your experince.
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@audrey7 (233)
• Jamaica
18 Dec 08
I am a Jamaican. This an island in the West Indies in the Caribbean. This island is surrounded by the Caribbean sea. There are a number of areas for rafting in Jamaica. Rio Grande is one such place. Rafting is a very relaxing experience. This is done on bambo on which the tourist lie or sit and the rafter who is usually the skilled seaman uses a long piece of board to part the water as he rows it down the path of the course of the river. I have experienced this and I would recommend this type of relaxation to any one.
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@ganderlot (352)
• United States
17 Dec 08
It's been quite a few years, but I loved it. The first time, my sister was actually directing the raft (I forgot the official name) and at one point we were about to possible "wrap" to boat she was yelling "forward paddle" unfortunately I was the only one paddling because you know a bigger sister scares you everyone else was hanging trying to lay in the middle of the boat. A few rapids later I fell out and one of the guys I didn't know pulled me back in the boat, he fell out and then we couldn't get him back into the boat for about a mile. (I felt pretty bad.) But I loved every minute of it. Regards