Technology makes our life simple

@annierose (18021)
December 17, 2008 2:46pm CST
Can a simple life be realized at all? Is it possible, we wonder, if life can be made simpler when the very ordinary task of ordering your favorite drink at the fast-food counter can be made complicated with an array of choices-regular or lite? in can or vendo? regular size or upsize? for dine in or to go? do you want to add on to allow you to avail of the promo? Others hold technology and the accelerating pace of change responsible. Technology, others claim, makes slaves of us, when we are it's rightful masters. Gadgets are meant to enrich our lives and not unduly burden us. Ask every inventor what compelled him to devise a gadget. To provide ease and comfort for the user, is their common reply. Today's best designed gadgets and systems go a long way in simplifying our lives. For those of us who regularly take the MRT, an electronis pass is a gift of convenience. It is because you do not have to wait on annoying line when you are in a hurry and deal with the booth attendants who harassed you to pay the exact amount. Mobile banking is also a most convenient service.Never having to leave the comfort of home, you can pay your bills, transfer money from your account with a simple click of a mouse.More than convenience, innovation allows us to have more control of our time and our other resources. Now, we no longer need to leave home for work. Working from home is an option computers and the internet have given us. There is no longer the need to travel and get stuck in the traffic. Can you imagine life without technology? What if we not have those? Is it still possible to have convenient life, what do you think?
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@Llonorra22 (1150)
• Philippines
23 Dec 08
Yes it's very true. Technologies helps a lot. We could communicate through internet. We can always chat to our relative abroad like I did last Sunday I had a chat with my cousins in Italy. Happy posting!