August 24, 2006 6:19pm CST
I feel really sorry for them and wonder how they got down so low
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@bhchy1 (6052)
• United States
25 Aug 06
Well in the lovely state of California when Ronald Reagan was Govenor..he let all the so called "functioning" adults out of the mental health facilities in which they lived...so the state would save money..So now with no medication, no income..no mental stability..where else would they go..but the streets. Another large population are war vets who saw such horrible manslaughter that they too can no longer function in society. And then if histroy there has always been drifters and hobos..they are part of folk lore..they choose to be homless...though one suspects that there is some degree of mental illness amonst them.. Then there is a second class of homeless...once thriving families who through circumstances beyond there control..lose work..a spouse and the downward spiral into poverty and then homelessness as affordable housing in this country just doesn't exist!