If a woman is willing y not....

@j47lee (742)
December 17, 2008 3:38pm CST
hmmm... i had heard alot about men saying that if a woman is ready to spread their legs for them.. they would take up the offer.. hmmm... gosh.. guys can sleep with men they dont have feelings for... that is totally..... argg...
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@liisafiat (660)
• Latvia
18 Dec 08
If woman is beautiful and if the man is not in the relationship: he will go for it. This is what makes me angry as well. Although I don`t get it: what`s the point to hurt other human being, by telling afterwards: "Well, I don`t want to marry You nor to have a common future with You- it was just that You WANTED TO and I HAD TO do my duty and GIVE IT TO you." This is a horrible thing to do. And this is how they explain this afterwards. Quite often we forget the simple rule that: women don`t choose men, it is the men who fights for their rights to get a particular lady. But from the other hand, if lady does not like him, there will be no children and no leg spreading. So, also confusing point... I think this leaves some moral damages in the man`s head as well. After all- he is going to make babies, maybe he will be a father for 3 beautiful girls in his future, and when he will realize that the next generation will do the same thing to his daughters...I think he will go crazy without support from his friends. :(
• Ecuador
17 Dec 08
Whatever. I don't think it's a guy thing. A lot of girls are the same way - wanting a little bit of tail without any emotional baggage. To each their own.