Infinite Undiscovery "Ad Infinitum RPG"

December 17, 2008 5:25pm CST
Action-fantasy Squared The synthesis of epic story lines, kaleidoscopic visuals,captivating musical scores and extraordinary characters is what makes square enix one of the most successful publishers in delivering,literally,out oe thghs world gaming experiences. Infinite Undiscovery, one of their newest creations, is set to bring its players to another universe in september this year. This game will have an engaging real time world where every decision you make leads to a myriad of discoveries and affects every encounter. This is like one those defunt "create your adventure" books multiplied to the nth degree more choices, more adventure and more Interactivity. Fight Right Infinite undiscovery, like its brothers and sisters from square Enix, will share similarities with the rest of the brood while having its own unique traits. The similarities start with a fantastical plot set in an alternate universe with heroic characters and their nemeses. Game play of infinite undiscovery will have its familiar battle system controls, similar to star ocean 3, but some new battle and game system elements have been added, so there are situation battles and real time battles as well. Basically, players can seamlessly move between situations and battles, meaning, upon contact with an enemy, players move in straight from the real world into battle. Another similarity to star ocean 3 is that external natural forces or situational occurrences can take place in a battle sequence. This makes the game more realistic in that aspect. In party control and direction,players primarily control capel, the hero, and the four characters, but AI plays a cooperative role that seems like the game is on multi-player. The concept is that the AI would be advanced enough so that it would feel like a MMORPG. Undiscovered Story Infinite Undiscovery is the whole concept of this game. Its for players to find meaning in the choices they make, how their choices create consequences and new discoveries. It's a very human experience created in a fantasy world. This is what makes square enixs games great, it reaches to the extremes of human fantasy and emotions and creates an unforgettable tald that we can somehow relate to in our real life. Just as capel has to find his destiny with all the choices he has to make, we too have that everyday even if its cooler and more fun to make life changing decisions on the XBOX 360 playing infinite undiscovery.
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