starting a family

@willy6 (492)
December 17, 2008 5:37pm CST
Being a mother is fun. It is also worrying, distracting, exciting, exhausting, fulfilling. Becoming a mother is a new job, but unlike other jobs he get little training and guidance. while his mistakes are pointed our frequently and loudly. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but sometimes it feels as if you don't stand a chance. It is very important to read family life books and sessions, and that will help us with some of the surprised of starting a family it will help us to cope. Coping with these changes, taking on these new roles, handling new emotions, however, does not come easily
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@lellyp (245)
• Indonesia
17 Jan 09
Am not yet marry and no have kids too. I just have experience take care 2 my beloved sister since they new born. my different age with my sister 13 and 20 year, but am still remember when first time am meet her at hospital. Is really amazing (even i ever see baby is cute and small) but when i meet my sister just one think i can said she is a beautiful baby in this world, no one in this world baby can so cute,beautiful,adorable like this baby (I think all parent in this world will said like that to they babys). Step by step am watching her growing, from a red baby being little girl, from little girl being a teenager, from teenager being woman. No one day am stop to say Thank God, even she not my baby you give me change to be close and take care my sister. Am remember when she first walk, first smile,first run,first word she said,first day she school, she first bf etc. Sometime am afraid,worry about her. am remember my biggest afraid is when she have first bf (am afraid that boy will hurt my sister) even i know that is step-step she must pass. Even am worry am never show to her, i always smile, be a best friend for her,being her place when she need to run,hug and cry. I do my best to make sure they will be fine to being her guardian angle even maybe she not really need me as she guardian angle.