Combine your diet to trick your body to loose weight check it out!!!!

United States
December 17, 2008 5:55pm CST
Hi there i've lost a total (combined) of 180 lbs by using this diet well i call it a way of eating dont think its a diet or else you'll brake it, i been pregnant 4 times and each time has worked i used to weight 115 and @ 9 months i get arround 240 easily. Your body is very smart and it will adapt to any diet you throw to it thats why you get to the point that you dont loose any more here i go follow this: for 3 days you will clean you body; eat no carbs, no oil. this is what you can eat;(everything boiled for 3 days) eggs,bacon,cheese,ham,sausage,tomatoes,onions,green stuff,red meats,white meats,sauce, coffe,diet juices. this is what you can not eat; no bread,no seeds(beans,rice ext) no diet soda,no coke,no sugar, (because when you are not eating carbs your body goes straight for the sugar). after 3 days you can fry the food and still loose weigth you can eat 20 grams of carbsx day only , you can not eat carbs while in this diet cause it will trow you off you can only do this diet for maximum of 90 days because thats when the vitamins that are stored in you liver from the carbs start to run out but my advice is to try this diet for a month then switch to the protein diet that way you make your body react again and force it to loose weight again and not park at a size with this diet you can loose 20 to 40 lbs in 2 weeks trust me it works it depends on how big you are you can eat every hour if you want but remember no sweets, no bread,no juice,no fruit,yes chees no milk so be very careful well thanks for reading and enjoy if any questions i'll be posting recepies for this diet.
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