Who feels bad about their job resume? Is it possible to salvage mine? I feel bad

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December 17, 2008 6:00pm CST
Is your resume in poor condition or endangering your future employment elsewhere because your references suck or you had too many jobs in a year or both? Well that's the case with mine. Without going into too much detail, let me try to be as brief as i possibly can because i know everyone here doesn't come to mylot to read a whole book if you catch my drift, but just to better help you understand the situation I'm in: My dreams/goals in life: Filmmaking, novels, writing, acting. Before you tell me, let me just let you know that i'm doing everything i possibly can right now to make all of that stuff happen, trust me, it just doesn't happen overnight, but its all in the works, i'm doing it all independently (that's the only way to do it nowadays) I've tried every other venue you can think of. Personal life history: I'm 23 and I messed up early in life when I was in my teens - I got involved in the wrong relationships with some very bad and emotionally consuming older women, all throughout high school, it had a VERY bad effect on my grades, the teachers never understood what i was going through and thought it was all lovey dovey broken heart crap, this was no puppy love nonsense here, this was very stressful and pressuring for me. One of them even tricked me into dropping out of high school (cuz my grades sucked big time and there was no way to salvage them ON TIME) and getting my GED and marrying her to use me because she was illegal (i'm divorced now). I didn't know what to focus on back then, I didn't know any better. However, now I've settled into a VERY VERY VERY healthy relationship which there is nothing wrong with at all, we've been together for 2 years and we live together. In addition to my women problems in my late teens, my mom got dementia and that caused a lot of problems and depression for me plus my best friend (since childhood) stopped being friends with me cuz of something i did in junior high so I had no best friend in my teens, nobody stuck around me like he did, he has since then committed suicide before we could reunite again. My education history: Well there's high school. That's about it. I did try college one time for about 3 months for business administration, but the place was too far away and it tired me out and drained my energy, this was actually my ex-wife's idea to go to this place, she was practically running my life and my money, she got me in a lot of debt. I didn't look too much into college cuz of money, before you say the word loan, well my credit sucked thanks to my ex-wife, she ruined me financially while I was with her. However since I moved on from her, I paid $700 for a 4 month EMT course which I passed this year, my current partner is in health as a CNA and has told me many good things about the field so I got in it because it interested me and there was nothing else to choose from (more on that in a minute). Brief overview of my job history: Aug. 2002-May 2003: McDonalds - my first job. It sucked OBVIOUSLY, it was a start though. My co workers were idiots, locking people in freezers and one threatened me with a box cutter. May 2003-August 2003: Duane Reade - Once again, kinda like McDonalds, maybe cleaner. But still not where I wanted to be. August 2003-November 2004: Bloomingdales - Now THIS is where I was trying to get in since McDonalds since my partner at that time worked there, I always wanted to work there. I started in Recovery, folding clothes, then got promoted into sales for women's shoes. I wanted to stay but my check sucked because i was in high school and i could only work part time, if i was full time i could make more hourly wage + commission. Once I got my ex wife made me drop out and get my GED, I could only switch to Full after a grace of 6 months. I left there on very good terms though. I enjoyed my experience. I tried applying several times after the 6 months, nothing ever happened so... November 2004-January 2006: H&M - Sales/cashier. This place is where many things went downward for me career-wise, it was a very depressing environment, the people i worked with were far worse than at Bloomingdales, I couldnt stand these type of people, couple that with my false marriage which was boiling worse and worse at this point, I called out a lot and was late sometimes, I was very depressed with my life, my demented mom, my crappy marriage, and financial state. I wasn't where I wanted to be and I felt stuck. They terminated me but said they will not tell other companies that if they inquire about it. March 2006-January 2007: Mobile Locksmith Call Center (won't reveal name) - I was a dispatcher/appointment setter person in the call center. People call in from every state cuz they wanna change locks, they locked their keys in the car, and I would get their info and send a locksmith out to them. This place was a scam, it was run by illegal people who didn't have their license and crap, plus they were ripping people's money off. It paid good though, $12 an hour (I was getting paid less before). I didn't get out until almost a year later. February 2007-May 2007: Data Entry/Stockroom: For $12 an hour I was in charge of a stockroom for a fabric/interior design company. I was a great job, it had free health and dental. However I was unhappy with the pay because at the time I wanted to move out due to my demented mom, depressed dad, and mentally retarded 30 yr old sister who made the house a mess and unrecognizable. And $12 an hour wasn't enough to move out. A week after I left this place, I met the woman I'm still with now, the one I live with, if I knew this was going to happen I would have stayed because we live together pay half and half rent so it works out financially. So now I REALLY regret leaving this place. May 2007-August 2007: Doorman: I was trying to get this while I was at the last job because of the great pay ($18 an hour) union and benefits. So I was offered a temp summer job as a foot in the door at this place. It was nice and all, super was an jerk. I got fired because my girlfriend had an anemia attack and was rushed to the ER, I was very scared and thought she would die, I never been to the ER with anyone, I called out 12 hours beforehand and honestly explained my situation and my worries, he didn't care. September 2007: Another call center job, very small one, this one run by a schizo lunatic and his wife who didn't know what exactly he wanted his co workers to do. I'd go into further detail but I don't wanna make this any longer than it is, but trust me i couldn't take it there any longer, TRUST ME, I was very VERY depressed. October 2007: Overnight security job at office building. This was pretty cool and was the 2nd job I regret leaving, I got to watch movies on DVD Player, read books, and write some of my scripts while I was there. But it paid $9.85 per hour. Even though I was already living with my partner and she made more than me, I still felt bad because I'm the man and I should be making MONEY money you know? November 2007-January 2008: Call center for a big cable company. This paid $13 an hour, highest I've ever been paid. The job was great but the problem was once you're in the call center taking calls there really is no break whatsoever when you're on those lines - They time your calls, and once you're done with the calls, they give you ONE MINUTE! to finish up documenting that call, when that minute is up, the next call AUTOMATICALLY comes in, call after call after call, REGARDLESS of whether or not you're finished documenting. I really couldn't work this way. I just couldn't. March 2008-May 2008: Call center/appointment setter for a modeling company that scams people out of their money and gives them zero work. It was also scamming employees of their paychecks threatening to lower it a dollar per hour if you didn't do this and that, I'd go into detail but once again, don't wanna make this any longer than it is, if you wanna know then ask. However, I didn't get this job until march, two months after Jan, I had a HARD time finding a job, lots of interviews, applications, false hopes, disappointments, and false promises. While I working here, I was taking the EMT course I mentioned above. I had to take it so I can get into health, I was stuck in customer service/call centers and at this point, it didn't seem like I could get much work elsewhere in that field especially with my resume. July 2008-Present: After passing the course, I started my first EMT job at a private company here. It only pays $11.50 per hour, but I have a nice schedule and I'm taking it easy. In the meantime I'm working on filming a short film next spring and almost done writing a novel about my life right now. I'm also doing online stuff like mylot and others to make money too. I also passed a city sanitation test which pays A LOT of money, it takes a few years for them to call ur number tho, my dad's been doing it for 18 years and he makes $70k, so I guess thats a back up. I just feel bad. I know I made a lot of bad decisions in the past and got involved with some very bad people. Employers won't understand though. I'm gonna stick with this EMT company for now and maybe in a year I'll take up a medical billing/coding course cuz there's potential to work from home in that business as well as start your own company. I'm just scared about the future, like say after a year or two, i wanna work somewhere else? I mean ok in other words from this point how do I go about salvaging what's already a piece of crap/joke resume? Even my references suck because some moved onto other jobs without my knowledge and some will just say bad stuff about me cuz i didnt work at the place too long or whatever, you know what I mean? I just want a good resume so that I can have more opportunities like most people have. I don't wanna endanger myself to homelessness.
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