Viva Piñata: A PINATA IN YOUR Pocket

December 17, 2008 7:34pm CST
Quite contrary There is a world where gardens,living papier mached pinatas and the doughnut of life actually make sense. In fact,it will fit right into your pocket! Viva pinata:pocket paradise, a life simulation game by Rare ltd,is set to hght stores this september with several new tweaks from the 2007xbox release. The publisher platform for vi8a pinata because players can have direct interaction with the environment and their pinatas using the stylus. Its functionality enchances the features of the game game with its interactivity, while penetrating the hand held market of the gaming community since the DS has more appeal for the younger market than the xbox360. Talk about hitting two pinatas with one stone... Additions and modifications were made for the ds version of viva pinata like: seven new pinatas,each with unique environmental requirements, 12 full motion tutorial clips, a new game mode called playground, local wireless functionality where players can swap pinatas between different system and a stylus friendly menu control interface. Old Mac Donald had a farm EE-i-ee-i-o! Players start off with a derelict garden in viva pinata:pocket paradise. They whll then prove that they have the appropriate gardening and animal husbandry skills to turn their lifeless land into a paradise for pinatas, it helps if you have a green thumb, er,stylus but luckily, the game has several tutorial that go beyond gardening 101, so better read up and learn these tricks quick in order to create your own mini ecosystem. Basically, playerpr maintain the doughnut of life bx wcleaning the garden, growing and maintaining vegetation, raising and breeding pinatas, as well as luring new pinata species. If you ace this game, it may mean a new career path for you in farming. Maybe. All in a Row. Viva pinata has seven all-new pinata species,each with new requirements, houses and unique cut scenes. Its graphics and fun game play is still essentially the same,modified slightly to fit the ds system. Its graphich design is a hybrid 3d and 2d fusion. The garden is 2d, but the pinatas are drwan using the ds 3d engine. It was all cleaverly done, so the animation is still very fluid and vibrant. All in all, besides being an ingenious game that players entertaining life lessons in nature and the way of the wild. Its not really meant to teach,but heck,if you learn alon the way while having at it, you got more than what you paid for..
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• Philippines
17 Jan 09
you are such a gamer, invoker. you touch so much on games on your discussions. it is truly the fad of the young ones, these days. i can see that the internet cafes are filled with young gamers just like you. even at home, my two boys are always doing games when they have spare time at all. my two boys are both mature ones considering their ages of 20 and 28. just do not leave behind your studies, kid. your future depends highly on how you do it in school today. your spare time to do gaming will have to be after the school requirements have all been met. i mean you well, invoker. at my age of late '50's you should understand me. after all, we are both filipinos and we feel the same way culturewise. good luck in your undertakings.