Is it good to expect more in life?

December 18, 2008 3:45am CST
I feel it is not so good to expect more in life. We have to be satisfied with what we get. Sometimes, we go on expecting and this expectation lands us in disappointemnt.
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@ronnyb (6119)
• Jamaica
20 Dec 08
I don’t think anything is wrong with expecting more from life, that a natural part of being human .There is a school of thought that if you have no dreams then you have nothing to aspire to and you may just settle for anything without ever achieving your full potential. There are also those who believe that what you believe you will achieve because your mind is so powerful ,consequently if you expect disappointment then disappointment will come and success come when you believe However what I think you have to be careful that you don’t have unrealistic expectations and then set up yourself for disappointment because there are just something’s you will never be able to achieve. In addition to which you should view each disappointment as learning experience and be able to move on from that So keep on expecting more you deserve it and work towards achieving the things you expect .Expecting them is one thing but you have to work for them,nothing comes easily.
@liisafiat (660)
• Latvia
19 Dec 08
I agree with Your statement. It is good to go for the best and maximum in Your life BUT at the same time to expect nothing in returns. This is how one can remain in a constant happiness. When we ask or demand and don`t get it: we become disappointed. If we give and don`t get rewarded for it: we become disappointed. BUT if we give and DON`T expect anything: WE will be happy in ANY WAY: with or without a reward.
• Malaysia
18 Dec 08
It is good to expect more positive in life, it will motivated ourself to try harder. But, the important thing is to be prepared of whatever we got, because if we really think that only with the first attempt is enough we are wrong. We should never give up, and never get disappoint for what we got. That's why we don't know when is it the time that we will stop breathing, because we should always struggle like there is never the end of our life. If talking into religion, we should expect positives, even the hope is really small. Why? because expectation is what will reflect to us, and our beliefs. Even people want to have the good expectation. So, think positive. Its good to yourlife.
@saiKO92 (392)
• Malaysia
18 Dec 08
Urm.. I think we can expect more when we do more. I think sometimes, when we expecting and the expectation dissapoint us is because at that time we don't work hard enough to gain what we expect. There is a few times when I didn't do much work and I expected much, I was dissapointed. But there's also time when I work so hard and I expected to gain what I think is worth for the work I done, I get much more. So I guess we can expect more when we do more.