u haven't grasped the knowledge . It is meaningless to do this .

December 18, 2008 5:05am CST
graspe ? means get ? what will I get ? who grasp me ? close to me , make u warm . just it ! yes . let it be . I just want to learn , learn from everything . I am good at memorizing . hehe . a mass of is near to me . he is ..? a good partner . hehe . these days , we talked and talked ...on the net . just it ? I don't know . maybe or maby not ! I am still in school now . study Is my job . ofcourse I know ! but do u know ? Maybe I am tired , I Just don't know what to do ? I don't think I am a bad student ok , another topic , PLS .I am a diet and haven't had lunch . NOw I Am a little dizzy . diet ? I am a bit thin . no need to do it ! I like to eat !eat @ I am short , Just 150Cm . My family is not tall , but 150cm is indeed too short . Even My elder sister is taller than me . wuuu... one of the resons is that I lack nutrition when I was a babay , a Child ! My family is poor . When I was still lied in my mom's s stomach , My father have not enough money to give my mom a good diet . the same thing go on when I was a baby. time fled , I GRew slowly . From I had the ability to remember things . My family is so poor in my place . but I can be full everyday , I can be warm in the winter . Just not rich , I think . We eat rice and vegetable every meal . rice is planted by us own , we can eat as many as I want . in Fact , every meal , there was something left , we gave it to our pigs and chickens . but for the vegetable , sometimes not enough for us to eat . IT is planted by my mom , too . because there wasn't the meat for us to choose . just a single dish for us to eat . sometime , My mom went to the market to sell some vegetables , even we haven't eatten yet . just for more money to support our daily life . this kind of our life went on . when I entered my middle school , I think My life had a bit change . there was just one Child in School , the Child was ME ! In China , children's education is the most part of the whole output . very high ! I can eat some eggs every now and then . they were produced by the hens in my home . at the same time , My mom buy meat more often than the earlier days. Just two person in my home . Me and My mom . almost ,I eat the all . My mom love me ! she always let ne eat meat , but she ...
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