December 18, 2008 5:27am CST
Have u watch 300 movie ? Havw you like this movie ?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
29 Aug 10
This is courageous movie and truly inspiring. This is my favorite movie well taken. I watched it twice
@arif34 (3)
• Bangladesh
19 Dec 08
Couple of months earlier I got the chance to see this so called movie 300. But I am afraid to say that I expected a lot from Frank Miller but he disappointed me. The story line of the film appears to me something like fishy. In a modern day (not even my worst nightmare) I cannot afford to take over a country by taking a troop of 300 KNIGHTS. Although the Director wants to show the Bravery of Spartans but some works needed to be done with the script in such type of a film. Though I do not want to hurt anyone by sending my opinion but this film really disappoint me.
• China
19 Dec 08
i haven't watch so mucn movie !!
@benthose (475)
• India
18 Dec 08
I have watched the movie twice.. I liked the poetic style of screenplay and the dark theme.. But I should say that the movie was too commercialized.. Getting just 300 men to fight against millions is the dumbest thing any king would do.. And about those fights where a few 'heroes' broke out of the protective barrier formation to slay many persians with amazing style that really looked good on screen, that's another dumb thing any warrior would do..They could easily get killed.. Of course it looked good, but it was just too much to believe..
@myzonez (81)
• India
18 Dec 08
Watched it a few months ago. Great. It shows that 'Spartan' courage. But i felt that he was acting foolishly by bringing just 300 men with him. But hey, that's where the interest lies. Anyway, superb action! Not the kind you see in Chinese movies, but not up to the mark also. All of them had super-built bodies. And great camera angles! It isn't my favorite anyway, but I liked it. The last part was a bit boring. I never thought the king would die. At least he could have killed that Persian ruler. And there the villain comes again, pushing on. So what was the point in the fight that 300 put up? The large Greek army had to face the villain again.