where to use the ring

December 18, 2008 5:30am CST
i always wodering and even im using that the rings is always weared in 4th finger y not in other fingers is there any reason behind the reason
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• Malaysia
19 Dec 08
hi rajesha .. i dont know the reason .. but ihave seen many rich people wearing rings in all their fingers cheers
• Philippines
18 Dec 08
i don't know the validity or level of truth behind it but i heard from somewhere that the ring finger has veins that are connected straight to the heart... thus the reason why most rings (wedding rings, engagement rings etc) are worn there. from an internet article forwarded to my email, it was mentioned in a finger-exercise... that if you put together both your hands, with only the tips touching and not the palms (thumb to thumb, forefinger to forefinger etc.) and then you try to spread the pairs of fingers like an open hand... just try this: by each pair of fingers touching starting from your thumb, try to separate the two tips away from each other while maintaining the contact with the rest of the 4 pairs of fingers. when you try each pair one by one, you'll find out that only the ring finger cannot be completely separated. the article mentioned the logic of putting the wedding rings there, like a bond that put people together, which should be difficult to break. that's how a marriage was supposed to be.