If give a choice who would you marry - a rich girl or a beautiful girl?

December 18, 2008 9:58am CST
Well for girls the question would be the same but reverse the gender. It is easy to get swayed by wealth, but if there is no love between the two will wealth be able to buy the the love? I know of a girl who tried to buy love by flaunting wealth and taking a boy out for parties and picnics and holiday trips. She ws plain and ordinary, and not fun to be around, yet the poor chap endured her for a while but ultimately he said a big "No". The girl felt that she had been used and really ranted and raved. it is a big dilemma when you have to decide. do you succumb to wealth or do you look for true love?
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• Malaysia
19 Dec 08
hi mercury ... i will still marry a man ... cheers