What odd phobias do you have ? ... Let me give you a new one.

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December 18, 2008 12:40pm CST
Do you have any silly fears you deal with? Sometimes these silly ideas stick in my head. Well, let me give you a new one. Everytime I get the mail from the mailbox, I think there might be a snake in there waiting to bite me when I stick my hand in. It's a silly thing that I forget about ... until I get the mail each day. Well, there you go. Now, you get to experience this phobia too. Let me know if this one sticks in your mind. Also, tell me what other silly things do you fear.
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@mareem (147)
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20 Jan 09
I lived in both south central and central Arizona for a while. Scorpions were a big problem in both of the areas where I lived. I went to get something out of my purse one day and a scorpion came out with it. I quit carrying a purse that day. That was almost 20 years ago and I moved from Arizona in 1994, but I still won't carry a purse.