all my craigslist ads get ghosted and my jobs at workfromhhq do not get verified

@suntuu (294)
December 18, 2008 10:52pm CST
i am really at dilemma here. from past one week all my ad which i get in workfromhomehq are ghosted in craigslist and i don't know why. i am not able to get a single job verified by the workfromhomehq. and i don't know why. i even tried everything- i created new craigslist accounts and changed my ip after every ip and then also the result is -ad getting ghosted and no money for that. can anyone help me regarding this or you know the appropriate reason for this. i will really really appreciate your comments and responses here.
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• United States
19 Dec 08
Yeah i have the same problem!! if i put 20 posts i just get one good the others just ghosted!!!! and i just earn 15 cents per day!! and thats sooooo bad, i have so many days dont doing the posts because thats a bad for me i work hard and just get 15 cents!! nah, i think we cant do it anything. well have a nice day and hope you will have a very good week ;) see you soon and bye bye
@rberon1985 (5394)
• Philippines
19 Dec 08
Hi. I also experienced that to the site. That is why I decided to leave the site. I tried to make my second account in the site but I also experienced. They are telling that all my jobs where ghosted. I totally leave the site and just focus in the site where I can really earn. I will never come back to the site.