nightwish is finished!!

@ashveen (301)
December 19, 2008 1:57am CST
since when tarja left nightwish is no longer the same..tarja is an operatic singer and anette is a pop better keep the two worlds apart!!! anette's voice never gona match wid the symphonic metal music.. tuomas+tarja=nightwish n none otherwise (of course + the two others) anette is fit for the bin!! n i cant hear her voice singing the same old songs song originally by tarja (as they do on the lives)..damn!!
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@alilin28 (1530)
• Uruguay
5 Sep 10
i like both singers, of course, tarja was unique, but anette has something that makes her better. of course their has differents voices and we cant compare it because the style is not the same, but both gave to the band the most and i still like them.
@di44ito (496)
• Bulgaria
31 Mar 10
I think that you are right i also liked nightwish more when the were with Tarja and they had a great sound they were unique but now it`s no longer the same.
• United States
10 Feb 10
"Did you ever let in what the world said?" Two million album sales, five platinum discs, six number one chart positions, and a two-year world tour later, Nightwish is back in the studio making another album. Annette's singing the old songs as quickly as Tuomas decides to put them in the setlist. What's more, she and Marco play off each other vocally quite well, and Nightwish's music is the better for it. Better still, Marco's getting more international exposure and that's translated into good things for Tarot. This is obviously some new definition of "finished" with which I was previously unfamiliar.
• Romania
28 Aug 09
True that things have changed since Annette took Tarja place, also that she cannot reach Tarja's level, but to be honest I like her singing, the songs' Islander" and "Amaranth" just made me amazed and Tarja with her new solos she did wonders, Annete has her style and I love it. It's quit shocking knowing things didn't went well between the band and Tarja but now I'm glad to have Nightwish with Annette and Tarja still singing. Even separated they rock, we have now more "fruits", more wilder part of Nightwish and we still have the magical voice of Tarja the Goddess of angel songs. Hearing them with their new songs just makes me happy, the dark time was painful and a shock but now I'm over it and looking at the wonders they all do. So I say that nightwish is not evolved and Tarja bloomed too far greater than we imagined.
@mano5chi (207)
• Spain
5 Apr 09
I don´t think you are right. Ok, it´s clear that Tarja´s voice has nothing to do with Annete´s one. But "The Poet and the Pendulum" is an amazing symphonic metal song and it´s sung by Annette in a perfect way. Nightwish is not "tuomas holopainen + tarja turunen". Tuomas is the only and true soul of the band. And there is life after Tarja. Have you ever heard any CD recorded by Tarja as a solist? She is really finished not Nightwish. Nightwish will go on with the wonderful lyrics by Tuomas and the incredible voice of Marco Hietala supported by Annette in a secondary role. That´s all!