can u learn several different languages at the same time?

December 19, 2008 4:26am CST
I am a university student who is not major in language studying.Recently i've been learning some different languages-spainish,french and german.I do like learning languages,and learning different languages simultaneously is amazing and fascinating,but that's a heavy load and german and spanish learning don't get along smoothly as i expected.Meanwhile, i have to allow for time on my major studying.So i am over-occupied by that .I don't want to give up ,but have to .I am in a dilemma.What am i gonna do?Thnx very much for ur advice?
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
19 Dec 08
Wow, taking courses in them both neat.. Yes, Learning different languages at once is fun... Sometimes I am good at it other times I am not... English is the only thing I am really fluent in.. I was studying at one time four types of Sign language.. Trying to teach myself Cheyene, and I was in French class.. And learning bits of German from my friends... .. I find learning different languages fun, and part of my self expression.. is I like to pop in little non english words in every now and then.. Its kind of funny how many people think the words a just slang.. and Start using them in the right context not realising they are speaking a real foreign language... I find that kind of fun... Youtube has alot of neat multilingual videos too where people sing songs with different languagues or mix the languages together in one video and song.. Which shows the real beauty of the diversity of the languages... I find for me personally learning the words in song, I remember them better, and use them more often.... So When I want to learn a new language I try to learn all my favorite songs in that language.. That is what I did when I started to put my sign languages together... As I used regular sign language to fill in for the words that did not exist in the Lakota sign language.... but also would switch it around and sign the word twice in both languages where the word repeats itself.. I found that really fun... I am not able to help you with balancing your time in studies.. other then figure out what you need to put more time into and set a clock and have the alarm go off or buy a wind up timer.. I don't know. But I wish you all the best! Buenos Tag! :D - DNatureofDTrain