how can I gain sufficient experience before I graduate ?

December 19, 2008 5:24am CST
for a student , learning is the most important thing . But it is not the destination .the destination is to have the ability of a good performance in our future job . have a bright future . Can I ? I am in Grade two . just at this time of next year , I will be busy with my job-finding . in the past one year , I am busy with my part-time job . after one year , I feel a bit tired . should I go on ? or just be a pure student ? Next year , I will focus my attention on my life more . I have some exams in the coming year ! don't waste your money ! if there ar esome free time , just do some entertainments . if u can't find a better job , just relax yourself ! it is a waste of you precious time to do a bad-paid job , which is worth doing . as I can get little useful skill from it .
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
19 Dec 08
Well, I can not tell you what to do. You need to make that descision for yourself... But I wish you well no matter your choice... You can see if there are internships, co-op opportunities.. Look at the skills the job needs.. if you can not work that job to improve look at the job skills you need improving on, and do volunteer work to give back to the community, that requires the same or similar skills you are working on improving on... :) .. I hope that idea helps... If you want to relax and be just a student thats fine, if you want to be a student and work great.. if you want to take time out and spend time on your life that is good too ... You need to look at what you need, and what you want.. and make that descision for yourself... But, if I was in your shoes.. I personally would choose be a student and focus on my school work, then enjoy life as an reward.. unless I needed to work.. Then go that route. But that is what I would choose...for myself.. I can not choose for you :D ... - DNatureofDTrain