my dog eats my other dog's feces!

December 19, 2008 8:05am CST
my 1-year-old dog eats my other dog's feces. she knows she is not allowed to do that because when she is caught in the act she always seems to be guilty and tries to hide so that we won't scold her.. i have done research on the internet and some dogs do eat their own feces but there is no real sickness attached to it. i always thought it is because of worms but we have dewormed her. she is a hard headed one too because she really won't respond to potty training like out other 2 dogs at home. she also has this habit of urinating everywhere when she feels like it and then lick her urine until its dry.. gross.. plus she drools a lot.. i just hope this is just a phase.. so can anyone help me with this one?
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