If you had the choice to choose between being skinny or over weight.

United States
December 19, 2008 10:05am CST
If you had the choice to choose between being skinny or overweight even if it was just a little over weight which would you choose? I would have to say for me I'm 5"8 weighing 155 lbs. It is not skinny or fat. I am a little bigger but I like my body the way it is, because I have no problem with my weight. God made me this way for a reason. I have no problem with people talking about how I look because I like myself the way I am and I wouldn't change it for the world. I am bigger than most girls in my family. But I am use to seeing everyone so skinny in the family. I look at it like this. My size is a good size. Not to skinny and not to big. I wouldn't want to be any way else but it.
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@chaomi (56)
• Philippines
20 Dec 08
Average? Not skinny, not overweight because I'm in between and I'm happy the way my body is...but I think I intimidate some of my guy classmates at school, maybe I'm just being paranoid...
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7 Mar 10
Skinny is best but slightly chubby is good as well.
• Malaysia
19 Dec 08
You only give me two choices; skinny or overweight. Of course I chose for skinny, but although skinny I want my BMI(Body Mass Index) is at 27. It rest peacefully between 25 -30 reading point. BMI is Weight(unit in kg. ) over Height Square(unit in meter). That is the formula. There are many calculation on internet that straight forward gives you the value, but to discern you more better learn it manually so that you have the mental feeling how important and how much weight you have to reduce or gain in finding the appropriate BMI. Let say in your case; Height = 5' 8" (1.73m) Weight = 155 lbs (76.56kg.) Therefore; BMI = Weight / Height Square = 76.56 / (1.73)square = 76.56 / 2.99 = 25.61 [u][/u] That's right, you got a very good ideal weight, it is between 25 - 30. Over 31-32(Obesity I), 33-34(Obesity II), 35 and above - a real overweight.