Do you know that the is a gymnastics for the eyes?

December 19, 2008 10:17am CST
four years ago, I hardly could read, so I went to my opthometrist and I was told that I need glasses... I've asked if there is a chance that I could regain my sight and I was told that there is none but a possiblity to increase eyesight grades, if it is the right term to call. And so I purchased the correctional eye glasses and kept it in use and I was reading well...I came accross one day a book by Gayelord Hauser and the gymnastic for the eyes which I tried... And by surprised it works. Now I am reading without glasses for more than two years. I would like to share it would you guys... 1. Turn your head from side to side as if saying an emphatic "no" do this 10 times. 2. Hold your finger or a pencil about ten inches away from your eyes. Look at its tip, then into the distance. Do this ten times Do this two simple eye drills everyday: Do them especially when you are using your eyes intensely for close work or reading. Allow me to share also How to relax Tired eyes. Palming is still the best way to relax tired eyes. This is how to do it. Sit infront of a calendar. Look at it. Now, gently, close your eyes and cover them with your cupped palms. Be sure not to press on the eyelids. Rest your arms. Relax Let go. Breathe slowly and deeply 30,40,50imes. As you relax your covered eyes will only see restful grayblack. and as gradually let go of the tension, your eyes will see a deep dark black. Then open your eyes and look at the calendar again,You will see it more clearly. Your eyes and whole face lose their tension whenever you palm. Thank you and please try it.Forgive me but this is my first post.
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@eichs1 (1934)
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2 Feb 09
I have already about the using the palm to relax your eyes. I do it from time to time aside from allowing my eyes to look at the sky for a minute or two. Its my first time to read about the eyes gymnastic though. That's easy to do and it's really amazing that it worked for you. I will share this with friends who have eye problem. I hope it will work for them too.
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3 Feb 09
I am glad my friend, that you are doing the palming and the gymnastic of the eye, it will indeed help you to relax and take away tensions.Not only for the eyes as well as the whole face...Yeah my friend, I was with eye glasses before I was doing it. But now I can just can read anything without the eyeglasses The very first time I applied for driver's license, I did't pass the eye exam, next time I passed and that's how I have driver's license until now.Happy mylotting