For my own good...

United States
December 19, 2008 11:56am CST
I do not like water. The lack of flavor, scent, color.....I just don't like it. When I was a kid I drank it because my parents made me. As a young adult I stayed as far from it as possible. As the years went by I remember older women that I was acquainted with telling me to do myself a favor and go ahead and get chummy with water. According to them water did everything from helping with weight loss, to keeping your skin clear and speeding recovery of the common cold. Being a know-it-all 20-something i refused to believe them. Then I had a run in with some medical problems that made drinking water a necessity. And what do you know....they were right! Clear skin, easier to maintain my weight and less suffering with the common cold! I still don't like water....but I drink plenty of it every day. what about you actually like water?
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@hellcord (675)
• Romania
29 Dec 08
Hell yeah, I take the trouble to go each week to a specific supermarket that holds this one special brand of mineral water, with an awesome taste (no comparison to tap water or most other mineral waters) and then I buy 10 Liters of it, in 2 HUGE bottles. Mind you I don't have a car, so I either walk there (15 min one way, 15 back) or rollerskate my way there :D My fave brand also has a HUGE amount of Calcium and Magnesium in it, so yeah I pay a few bucks and have to work for it like our ancestors did, but then I have good pro water all week :D Stay hydrated, peace
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@sweeety (41)
• India
19 Dec 08
what sort of a topic are you discussing..this is different.!!.. Yeah, water is def good for a lot of things, its a basic necessity so no question of liking or disliking it...just like air is necessary for you, so is water