CAYLEE" Homicide By Undetermined Means

United States
December 19, 2008 2:47pm CST
I cannot express the anger this invoked in me---the mom is a heartless monster!! Probably just looking to get laid or hooked up with some guy, god forbid sexually abused the child with some loser and now this beautiful child is dead, I am mortified!! Mortified that so many seem to be involved. The grandparents, the cop lover, the mother On the news they said theres a witness list of up to 82 people but yet nothing STILL really being said!! How in the world didn't the cops find the body when some guy taking a leak in the woods was able to. Dr. G did say that there was no sign of trauma to the body where the baby was possibly battered to death and that was comforting. Theres speculation that there could be use of chlorform but the toxicology is not likely to be very evident but the TIME that the child was kill being the biggest factor in this case. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE????
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@laila675 (528)
• United Arab Emirates
20 Dec 08
i just read the article about Caylee. with her sweet and cutie looks how can her mom kill her. i just can't believe that finding her remains after 6 months only. i hope that justice will be given to her.
• United States
20 Dec 08
I can understand why any mother would do that but in her case I think she's a straight out Sociopath because it didn't seem to phase her one bit, only the slight sense of guilt that she might of gotten caught!