Is it harmful?

United States
December 19, 2008 7:39pm CST
I have read many articles that say texting messaging and iming are harmful to human relationships. It says they are dangerous because people become impersonal rather than personal. It does not allow for emotional intimacy. However, what about couples that are long distances who cannot see each other daily. What things could they do that is more personal than IM or text messaging. I am not against text messaging or IMing. What about your thoughts on IMing and text messaging.
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@phyrethyme (1267)
• Philippines
20 Dec 08
It is harmful in a way that it ruins personal communication in a family. Well it is true. My dad would send me SMS even though he's just in the next room. There are a lot of incidences like mine. My teacher told me stories like this rich family, they just text each other even though they're in the same house. My friend and her sister text each other even though they're in the same room. I'm just citing real situations to give you an idea. It is beneficial in a way that SMS is cheaper when you want to communicate with someone who's in a far place. My mom went to the US and we SMS each other when we can't talk on the phone. I am not against text messaging and IM-ing either. :)
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@agrim94 (3811)
• India
20 Dec 08
SMS ot text messages are a way to keep in touch either with friends or sending business SMS.. but these have to be used only when u can not talk to the person face to face and it is not important u cand the message when the other person is sleeping or is in class or a meeting and that person can receive ur message with out getting disturbed. If u want to ask ur husband or wife where are my shoes u wont be doing text msg if she is in home but if she has left for say a week to her mom ( if u get so lucky:D) and u know she might be busy and ur in no hurry to find shoes then u can text her and u can get reply later. or simply telling someone grandpa would reach ur home next week on monday u can text or send jokes but if u do it when other person is just a stone throw away then it is bad. As u asked for long distance they r quite good if u both have a plan because calling all the time can be very costly but if u have unlimited free sms in a plan so y not..use it as much as u can and keep in touch. I mean how much can u call from say australia to Paris everyday for how long 15 mins.. 30 mins even that would cost a lot but if u got free sms u can do it whole day so y not and leep in touch with ur beloved