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@kerriannc (4280)
December 19, 2008 9:48pm CST
The lady I am contracted to work with has outlined to me what she wanted from me for now until next year. She has set her goals and wants me to be more active. Her activities include that I spent more time on the internet and servicing her blogs and websites. Now I am not afraid of hard work. What I am afraid of is doing alot of reading that this work entailed. Mind you I love to read but I was very sick with my head a couple years back which prevent me from succeeding Teacher's College and also set me back a bit with my Grammar which I am trying to bring back to perfection. Going from sites to sites and knowing which one is the best to be involved in. Her works will entailed knowing the best advertising sites to be placed on her blogs and letting persons know more about her work. She is a financial Advisor. To tell you the truth I am somewhat scared because I am going inside a league which is totally different from my studies. Yes I am good at Data Entry, I can Manager a stored well, Secretarial work is one of my pet peeved but doing this I don't know much about. She calls it Internet Marketing. I am hoping to do a fast on it. I am going to need all the help from all of my friends here who are very Savvy in marketing their blogs and websites. I don't want to disappoint her and also don't want to lose this contract because if I do, I will be out of a job and with the economic crisis that is happening here I really appreciate what I am getting now even through it is not much. Persons are being laid off left, right and center and I know that it will be getting worse next year. Please my friends see if you can informed me about sites that will be of essential to me. God bless you all. Have A Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year. Kerry
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