which software language is now in the peak ?

December 20, 2008 1:33am CST
There are so many software languages c,c++,HTML, PHP ,JAVA J2E,.NET ,ORACLE etc .I just want to know which language is now in the peak.since I am a computer science student i just want to know the answer for this question so that it will be helpful for my carrier
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@kaka135 (14130)
• Malaysia
14 Jan 09
I think everyone is talking about .NET now, at least in my country, it is. Also, .NET programmers have higher demand in the job market, as many companies are using Microsoft platform, so it's easy to go towards .NET applications. Also, Microsoft is always improving the technology in .NET, and they always release newer version of the .NET Framework, which allows the programmers to have richer functionality and also easy-to-use features.
4 Jan 09
It all depends on purpose, but on the whole I think .net is currently pretty huge. That's what I use at work. When you move into the 'real world' you realise that all the math and theory you learnt at uni is basically irrelevant because unless you move into a crazy area, you'll just be writing boring business applications. Because boring software for business that needs to be produced quickly is the bulk of all software, whatever is good for that tends to dominate. Call me crazy but I think C/C++ might gain some strength in coming years as everything gets smaller and more and more things become embedded. But at the end of the day, Java and .net are probably top dogs right now.
• Fiji
30 Dec 08
rite now i think java and .net is dominating..i am also a computer science student and it's prevalent that jave is more in demand but ofcourse the roots of programming lies in c++, without it a programmer is lacking out...
@vipinl (802)
• India
20 Dec 08
Now i think its java, and backend Orackle. But in comming years c# wil surely get ahead of java.. mostly because of the .net framework provided by microsoft makes it so simple to use.. java on other hand is bit complicated.