Crime news may actually encourage crime ?

@ronnyb (6119)
December 20, 2008 5:10am CST
In my country right now there is a surge in the crime rate.You turn on the telievision to watch news and the first twenty five minutes of half hour segment is about crime ?.My reason for bringing up this issue is that I have heard that many criminals get a kind of "high " when they commit a crime and later hear it on the telivision especially when it seems to baffle the police.So I am thinking maybe if we carried less crime on telivison it may deflate the balloons of these egotistic criminals Do you think this is a good idea to stop or reduce the number of crime stories in the news and please justify your answers ?Thank you for your comment in advance.
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@suzzy3 (8357)
23 Dec 08
It may well do,but I am off the opinion people are hard up and want what they think everybody else has so they take it,and justify it my saying,they can afford it.If it is like England we are all watching each others homes during the husband leaves the house at three thirty in the morning and has a look,another neibour comes home at ten o'clock at night and he keeps his eye out,I am around all day so I keep my eye out,we must not tackle these people ourselves but there is always someone to call the police and report the crime.When ever the country gets poor and alot of unemployment crime figures sore,a different kind of criminal ,desperation they call that crime.The news is just warning you about how bad it is getting,and you need to know,lock your doors and windows when out ,take care.