Hang Over

December 20, 2008 5:23am CST
Have you ever had a hang over? Personally i haven't. But my cousin recently had his first hang over. This was how he described it. "It's like some *beep* blardy busted my head with a darn big needle or gun. Darn it hurts like *beep*.... (groans) i'm going to the doctors..." haha. it was so funny that i couldn't stop laughing. but yea that was his experience. What about yours?
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@katemeow (848)
• Singapore
26 Dec 08
there are many ways to beat hangover...but it's not the same for everyone....in my case, i take a hot spicy soup like like some korean hot kimchi soup or any soup with lots of mongo sprouts...any thing spicy is good for hangover...some people i know drink ice cold coke..others black coffee with almost no sugar...and then the best is to lie down face down on the bed...
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@zeroflashx2 (2491)
• Philippines
20 Dec 08
Yeah, it's very annoying to have a hang over. I usually know that I'll have a hang over the next day when I try to sleep and when I close my eyes, it seems that everything is spinning. Then, the next day, the headache is just bad. Aside from being very painful, it is constant and will usually take the whole day or up until evening until it wears off or become tolerable. It's hard to describe and you'll have a hard time doing stuff. Sometimes, when it's really bad, even medicines won't work effectively. I once had a hang over and it took more than 3 hours for the medicine to work. Kinda makes us think about the "Drink moderately" part.
@raclie (1732)
• Singapore
20 Dec 08
i dont have hang overs, but i do get drunk. maybe i have not really drunk enough before to get a hang over yet. i dont really drink often, but plan to make the full use of the upcoming SIA trip i am going to take to fill myself with lots of drinks. :) finally leagally 18, so that is not a problem. will tell you my experience alright?