How Does One Get Referrals

@mlh8087 (370)
United States
December 20, 2008 11:18pm CST
I think all of us that do the ptc's and the survey sites that let you get referrals are wondering: "Just how does one get referrals?" I tried a gold membership at one site. They let me do about 5 ads and I get a few referrals from that. I've read places that say join these weird sites that are suppose to get you all kinds of referrls but there's always a catch-like man it's free but it's really not. When you get ready to push the send button oops! you gotta pay $27 or something. Other people say go to the blog sites and blog about it. I'm only a member of one blob site and a ptc forum and they say Nope! You can't do that-it's considered spam or some such. So please, someone tell me, How does one get referrals?
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