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United States
December 20, 2008 11:55pm CST
I like Windows XP better than Windows Vista. I hate Vista!!! I read that Microsoft has worked on a new operating system and I can't wait to see if it functions better than Vista. What do you think??
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@springs (926)
• India
7 Jan 09
Xp is always better than vista.Vista requires high configuration,graphics cards,sound cards and high processor.But the look and visual effects are better in vista.
• United States
28 Dec 08
I think Xp is so much better , i had vista for a while and spent more time waiting for it than working. So i reinstalled xp and everything is better
• India
25 Dec 08
well depends if u dont use it with an open mind then u will ofc hate it happy lotting and have a nice day
• Philippines
25 Dec 08
That new operating system is Windows 7 (I started a discussion about it). It's still in beta and it's quite the charm, I think. It's RAM efficient to start off and it has enhanced security (so they say). Go for XP Service Pack 3 in the meantime and don't stick with VISTA. You'll get headaches if you go for the latter.
@myzonez (81)
• India
21 Dec 08
I agree with you completely. Though I haven't seen Windows 7 yet, I have a felling its not gonna top XP. XP gave the same boost to home computing given by Windows 98 when it first appeared. And I still use XP. Moreover, Vista is for the rich folks. That monster needs a graphics card to work! Know what, I sometimes feel linux is better.And, the controls sucks too. They have a lot of eyecandy, for sure. But they shouldn't have sacrificed performace for it! And, games that required 512 mb on XP needs at least 1GB on vista! SO what's the point? Also, Vista does not support many things which XP does. Some features are even useless, like that switching thing!
@yehudi (32)
• China
21 Dec 08
I am agree with you. I think XP better than Vista,too. Vista operation system needs more hardware condition than XP. For example,using 1GB memory on XP,the system can run good. but vista need at least 1GB,your system makes you feel slow. I using xp. by the way, office 2007 is good.
@scammerwear (1433)
• Singapore
21 Dec 08
That would be Windows 7 (yes, that's the official name at the moment). Some of the folks who had a sneak peek said that it looks like Vista but performs a little bit better. But that's what they said about Vista too...