Why does the law make it more difficult than it already is?

December 21, 2008 2:06pm CST
I have a friend who is going through divorse. Her husband was very nasty and abusive, She could take that, but he also never trusted her when she was around or with her male collegues. She is trying to get a divorse, and has shown the court bruises and cigratte burns on her body, but the court insists on delaying the hearing in the hope that they can come up with a mutual settelment or perhaps get back together. Why do these people in authority do such dumb stuff?
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• India
22 Dec 08
I think these authorities behave like this because they haven ever been abused in their lives. If only the real victims and placed in authority, they would know what people, especially the victims of abuse go through. Cheers and happy Mylotting
• United States
21 Dec 08
I hate to say this, it all sums up in a money situation. They tell you to take time and settle on something, but all the while, the clock still ticks and the money for them adds up. It is just a money gimmic!