People and their cars, ever noticed, do you do it also?

@VKXY62 (1606)
December 21, 2008 6:51pm CST
Hi, ever noticed that when someone parks their car, after getting out, they always turn and look at it. Are they making sure it is where they just left it? Taking a mental snapshot of where it is exactly? Making sure the colour didn't change just after they closed the door? It always happens, between 2 and 20 paces, either a full stop, turn and stare for a few seconds, or at the least, a pause and a look over the shoulder. What gives here?
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@Rexdoron (345)
• Malaysia
22 Dec 08
I do the same thing almost all the time too. It based on feeling to make sure everything is secure. Did I lock my car yet? Is it lock properly? These are some questions I always ask myself. Sometimes, I look at it to ensure that I don't left anything important. Oh, if I am at places I am not familiar with, I will turn back to make sure where I park the car. It's natural I think. And the same reasons may fall onto other people also. Have a nice day. :)