bed rest on the 6th month of my pregnancy

December 21, 2008 11:54pm CST
hi all! i have led a pretty active life--not with exercise, but with using my body to work, both for my career and even household chores. so getting hospitalized for 3 days and one bed rest was torture for me. since i got pregnant, i have not really slowed down because thankfully, my pregnancy is easy. no vomiting here and no back pains, not even swollen feet. but anyway, it is a necessary evil to save something good--and that is my baby. you see i have a kidney stone. and while the pain is now being managed while i wait for the stone to come out, the pain killer is causing my cervix to soften and it might induce premature labor. and i am only in my 6 month! it is way toooo early. so now, i have no choice but to stay put. i can work in my computer but i could not go out to do errands. i have to stay home. i don't really have a problem with staying home as i also work at home, but my only concern is my baby. oh God protect us...anyway, baby is fine and even with the pain, baby is healthy and heartbeat is normal. please help us pray for my fastest recovery. thank you all and God bless you! merry christmas! :-)
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