do you fear of losing your job during the global economic crisis?

December 22, 2008 7:01am CST
I'm not outstanding and doing a common job,I'm very afraid of losing my job......, there is apparently a global ecomonic crisis now especially in US and Japan, doyou think the workers are being threatened by this crisis? How is the state going to do to deal with it? In china,such as Beijing-the capital of China, there has been a new working policy in the capital that if Beijing companies employ Beijing citizens,the company will reserve a large amount of money to help enlarge the scale of the company. so a large number of non-Beijingers will be forced back to their own hometowns. What do you think of this policy to against the economic crisis? Does it have to be like this? Will the state still peace as before or be destroyed by its people?
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• United States
22 Dec 08
I live in the US and yes, where I live, there is a lot of fear. Companies are closing and shutting down all over the place and the states are running out of money. My husband has a job that is (I hope) secure but I am going to be looking for a job myself once the holidays are over with because his work is getting cut back and it is showing in our bills which are falling behind. It is getting hard all over the place and from what I hear it is going to get worse before it gets better. Very scary times.
• India
22 Dec 08
Hi friend..the policy being adopted by the states, as you stated, is not at all justified. The state may give incentive to the companies so that they do not go for firing people. But doing this for own people at the cost of people from other parts of the country is totally unjust. If all countries start following this policy, will there be proper talent available when needed. This type of narrow mindedness should be avoided for the betterment of all. Happy mylotting..