Wouldn't it be nice if more people showed common courtesy?

@ClassyCat (1214)
United States
December 22, 2008 7:11am CST
Isn't life just full of people who don't extend common courtesy? Some of what I am talking about are the following: You're going in (or our as the case may be) of a store, and the person in front of you lets the door shut in your face. You're about to make an entrance on to the interstate highway, and there's plenty of room in the outside lane, but no one will move over to allow you entrance. You spend time and money shopping for a nice gift for a birthday (or whatever), and the person doesn't even say "thank you." OR - you give a gift at a wedding or shower, and the person it is for, doesn't even send a thank you card. And ther are so many kids today that you can tell by their actions and words, that are not being taught any courtsey within the home. Are you seeing these things too?
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@AlephWren (135)
• Argentina
22 Dec 08
Yes, I see some. Specially when it is time to lunch, and you are on the streets: Cars are driven very fast, people almost is not shouting you "Hey! Get outta' the way! I'm Hungry!!!!". Education should be the priority number one of the people who is in charge everywhere, if you let me speak.
@AnakSuNamun (2084)
• United States
22 Dec 08
Yes, that would be definitely nice. Holding doors for others is a must unless those others are 50 feet away. Driving in traffic brings up the mean side in most people but I would merge if I saw several cars waiting for somebody to let them in.(If there's any room for me in that other lane). I don't believe it's necessary to say many thanks if you're exachanging gifts,otherwise you should. My personal boiling point is when I hold the door for some strange guy and he walks by with no sign of acknowledgement. "Wait a minute,that's your job!.." lol
• United States
22 Dec 08
wow... i so agree with you and i was just thinking about this the other day and getting mad. lol i was leaving the library with my 2 boys- my 3-year old was walking in front of me and i was carrying my little one. i also had my purse on my arm as well as a bag with books. we come to the door, and at the same time there was a young guy on the outside coming in. so what does he do? he opens the door, walks through, and lets it close behind him! all with me standing right in front of him! i was speechless. so i said really loud, "what a gentleman!" lol i was really furious, though. people really can be so rude and inconsiderate. i was taught manners and to be polite. i guess not everyone was... sad.