Do you Laugh or walk away when others Tell Racial / Ethinic Jokes?

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December 22, 2008 10:44am CST
I have a few pet peeves,an I refuse to listen to or participate in jokes that are geared towards others based on race or ethinc group. Recenlty I had our16 year old nephew come live with us from New York (we live in Fl) He stated telling all sorts of what I consider inappropriate jokes to everyone. I over heard him the second day outside talking tomy son and a few friends.Before I went out I watched as our 14 year old got up and walked away. Our nephew said "what's wrong?" and my son said "Man, That is just not cool, I will see you later. And By The Way, you better not let my mom hear you Dude or you will be in big trouble" our nephew couldnt understand what he was talking about. I went outside and talked with hiom and told him what it was that he was doing wrong, and that he dosent have to agree, he just has to rspect our rules, to live in our home. It has been a lot of teaching going on the past 3 months, but he is starting to get it. I realze people make huge money of telling racial jhokes (even of thier own cultre) But I feel it is what helps keeps it alive. I find it in poor taste and refuse to listen. any thoughts?
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@Lindalinda (4112)
• Canada
22 Dec 08
You are absolutely right. I think you should feel so proud of your own son that he had the courage to speak up. I taught my boys the same thing and one of them got into trouble at a wedding of a relative when he told his table companion who was an older relative that he did not care about the older man's racist comments. He was told that he had been disrespecful. I was really proud of him. Both my kids had friends from any cultures and will not listen to racial jokes or slurs.
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22 Dec 08
I think that so many dont care, that it does take courage for kids to stand up, but who will teach them if we dont? Thanks for the reply