Love to be in Nature.

@aweins (4203)
December 22, 2008 11:44am CST
do you love to be in nature. i love it. i love in nature, in greenery. i can pass my whole day in roaming near waterfalls, rivers, trees, greenery all around me. i love to take pictures there. i love the birde chirping around me. i love to feed animals and birds there. how about you? do you love to be alone in nature. i can enjoy the company also of someone, but if i dont find anyone, i can enjoy alone too. do you want any friend or someone always with you when ever you move out somewhere. do you love taking pictures there?
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@aakay4u (799)
• India
22 Dec 08
Oh yes i also do love nature,mostly am fond of hill stations and beaches.i get lost in its surroundings.i love beaches where there is not much crowd.i also love woods when there's an assurance that no wild animals is in the vicinity.yes i can enjoy alone also but if a friend is there its better.but on beaches,i would prefer alone.i can sit for hours there just getting lost in the sounds of waves.
@Rexdoron (345)
• Malaysia
22 Dec 08
I love nature very much. I love to be in nature where I can breath the fresh air, listen to the chirping birds and feel the soft environment. Plus, it is very peaceful. Far from the busy town, noisy surroundings and harmful environment. My mind become relaxed everytime I am in nature. Very peaceful and relaxing. The greeny sight gives my eyes a calm view. My eyes will become cool and it makes me feel so good. Aahh..I just love to be in nature. :)
@dodo19 (34007)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
22 Dec 08
I really love to be in nature. I love to breath the fresh air and everything. When it's a nice day, and I've been inside most of the day, I look outside and it's like nature is calling me to go outside. When I'm outside, it's like whatever stress I had is gone and my mind just runs wild, and I can't stop it from running like a mad person. What can I say? I just love warm spring, summer, and fall days.