Somewhere we are all related

December 22, 2008 1:11pm CST
I believe that we are all related, since we come from one father and one mother. Did you believe that also? I do, because even in languages we can found word with similarities between others languages. Even there are similarities in cultural. So somehow, wherever we are we still related somehow on the old time. It is on the beginning when human started lived in earth. So, we all come from one story.. so, what do you think?
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• United States
22 Dec 08
I do believe that we are all related. The Bible states that all of man descended from Adam and Eve. In this sense, we would all be related. I also agree with your comment about languages. There are cognates, or words that sound the same with the same meaning, in many languages that I have observed. I'm not sure that this should be attributed to being related, but more so to observing other cultures and learning from them.
• Philippines
22 Dec 08
Hello bliveinursef, I think you are right there, it started thousand and thousands of years ago at tower of babel, human were spread all over parts of the world and made to speak of different languages.The climatic conditions has something to do to the color of the skin But we came from same ancestors unless evolution is true, but it is not... The bible tells us so.