How much is too much at Christmas time?

United States
December 22, 2008 3:10pm CST
I am a single mom and I am definitely poor. At the holidays I do the best I can which isn't always much but I try. My Dad however spends over $1000 at Christmas on his step-daughter ALONE! Yes, I am a little jelous as my Dad wasn't around when I was little and my mom was just as poor as I am now, it also upsets me because his new wife will get angry if he even spends $50 on my son and I - his DAUGHTER and GRANDSON!!!!! But besides that I see my little sister becoming very materialistic, spoiled, and ungrateful for everything she has. This upsets me more than anything! She is a wonderful little girl but she doesn't work for anything, everything she wants is handed to her and she receives it with a smile and a request for more! How much is too much at Christmas time? When does giving becoming a danger, a bad habit, or addictive?
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
22 Dec 08
I don't think people appreciate things if they get too much, I would rather see people be more Christmasy all year around rather than just spoiling them on one day, I think the best present of all is the love you give, and it doesn't even have to be wrapped...
• United States
22 Dec 08
That is beautiful lilaclady and I have to agree all the way! I just wish that other people felt the same way and I hope that that is how I am raising my son to feel. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
@Chering (11)
• Canada
22 Dec 08
Well as a single mom myself I don't half a lot to spend on my kids to begin with at christmas. I try to stress the importance of making things or doing something special for people instead of things that you always have to buy. I do buy christmas gifts for them but I ask them to only pick 2 or things that really really want and I try to keep my christmas spending as low as possible. Wow $1000 for 1 child ... that makes me feel amazingly cheap I haven't spent that much on my 2kids put together. I think it is a bit much if you spend so much on your kids that they constantly expect to get everything they want when they want it. I think it's important for kids to learn that sometimes you have to wait and save to get some of the things you want. Plus if they get everything one day whats left to look forward to during the rest of the year. But thats just my opinion. Merry Christmas!