United States
December 22, 2008 4:30pm CST
What and why do you choose certain tags? Myself I think I pick mine based on how I would look that item up? Anyway I feel they are very imporant in terms of mylot maybe this is how we get paid as well. But I would not let that fool you I have come up with some good ones and it made no difference. Keywords, tags they are all the same to me. What do you think as a my lotter? Let me know? Thanks :)
2 responses
• India
23 Dec 08
yeah tags are used to search for stuff like if u are lookin for chocolate cakes designs so u would use those workds happy lotting have have a nice day
• United States
23 Dec 08
Thanks everyone for your wise words. I appericate the feedback.
@tm0ney3 (28)
23 Dec 08
When I choose my tags, I usually look for key words in the question and my answer. I, like yourself, pick words that I would look that item up by. Hope this helps.