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United States
December 22, 2008 4:38pm CST
If you could live in another place for 5 years where would it be. I believe I would like to live in Germany. The number one reason why is I want to get on the road and drive 100+ and not get a ticket that would be great. And I love Germany women their so beautiful.
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@kykidd (6819)
• United States
22 Dec 08
I myself, would love to drive like that. What is that highway called? The autobahn or something like that. I have an old corvette that I am gradually fixing up, and it would be great to be able to take it out on the open road and see how fast it would do, instead of paying to put it on a dragstrip where you really can't get the feel of it. As far as living in a different place, I am kind of doing that this winter. I have moved 950 miles from my home. I rented it out to someone who I plan to be a permanent tenant. I also have a lifelong tenant in one of my apartments. That only leaves me one more to rent out. So I could actually move back, but I am really enjoying the warmth of the south. Although, I am not so far south that I couldn't live here all year long. Only time will tell. Thanks for starting this discussion and getting me all excited about driving my vette! Have a great day!
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@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
26 Apr 09
I think that I would choose to live in Australia the lucky country for five years. It would be great to live near my favorite city in the world, Sydney. I would be able to enjoy seeing the unique wildlife and the pleasant climate. I would be able to have a great outdoors lifestyle and make many friends because Australians are friendly. I have visited Germany a few times and think it is a lovely country.