What is a NUNI?

November 8, 2006 1:58pm CST
What is a NUNI?
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• United States
29 Dec 06
same here . i don't know
@alladisada (2305)
• India
5 Dec 06
The Schoeners, also known as the Art Dealers, is a recurring sketch on Saturday Night Live. It features Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph as Nuni and NĂ¼ni Schoener, respectively
@moneymind (10521)
• Philippines
30 Nov 06
nuni is a boot loader for Linux that uses the ext2 file system and IDE drives. It avoids BIOS limitations by not using the BIOS, which eliminates relevance of cylinder 1024/disk geometry. It can boot Linux from any location up to 137gb, on any IDE drive, and it's not confused by presence of both IDE and SCSI drives. from http://www.freshmeat.net/projects/nuni/ greetings. : )
• India
8 Nov 06
Same here, what is Nuni.,,.