Do You Ever Feel That Your Job Makes You Do Things You Don't Believe In?

@capirani (1841)
United States
December 22, 2008 6:45pm CST
How far will you allow your employer to push you into doing disagreeable things on the job just to keep the job? For instance, if you think telling a lie is wrong no matter what, and your job requires you to lie, even if it is a small lie, what do you do? One of the things I have to do on my job that has bothered me for the full extent of the time I have been there is that I have to lie about where I am located. I work in a call center and people who call think I am right there in the building they are calling. The business is in many states and the callers are calling only one branch in one state. We are supposed to pretend we are in the building they are calling and not in a call center. They do not want their customers/clients to know that they are talking to a call center customer service representative. I think it causes a lot of confusion for the callers. And I am getting more and more tired of the game. There are other things that they require of each of us that I disagree with. Nothing serious or against the law. But against my own personal values. I am also expected to be fully supportive of the business even if I think that the business is wrong in a particular instance. Generally in cases such as that there isn't anything I can do about the situation anyway, but I end up getting all the brunt of the anger and hostility of the customer/client. Now at the holiday season, because everyone is so stressed out, that anger and hostility is even worse. And some of them have very good points, but there is just nothing that can be done to help them. How far will you go allowing your employer to control you in spite of your personal values?
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