Why does life sometimes becomes monotonous?

December 22, 2008 8:05pm CST
Sometimes, life becomes monotonous, is itnot? What could be the reason for it?
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@blablablu (222)
• Indonesia
26 Dec 08
I have no other explanation for this. All the post above me have indicate better explanation for this. But I just want to share some paradox with a little phylosophy opinion in your statement above. LoL. Sometimes, life becomes monotonous... If it only sometimes, then there is no monotonous life again, right? The word monotonous here means that everything goes the same, it is repeated everyday and everytime, no challenging experience, etc. And then the opposite of monotonous would be everything is challenging and not the same, etc, etc, etc. If you are interested, please continue below otherwise just close this page. Okay, IF life becomes monotonous only sometimes, then it means the time of your life being monotonous is already different from other time of your life that is not monotonous, then it doesn't fit the monotonous definition again, right? Please don't take this so seriously, I know what do you mean with your original question. This comment is just to freshen things up. Have happy days!
• Philippines
23 Dec 08
Yes, life could become monotonous especially if one does not set goals and work at it. Letting life happen to you everyday is a prescription for boredom. Anticipating and influencing developments before they become "accomplished facts" or the current reality make life very exciting.
• India
23 Dec 08
I think life becomes monotonous only to those who are not creative enough to make it more interesting. It is in our hands to change at least what goes on inside our heads. Cheers and happy Mylotting
• China
23 Dec 08
Yes, what you said is so right. I think the reason is you live in a same life style for a long time, you will feel everything is not interesting. I also feel the life is monotonous sometimes, if I feel that, I will go outside with my friends. Changing the living circumstance is a good way to deal with the uninteresting.
@shine17 (128)
• China
23 Dec 08
yes,the life sometimes is monotonous,because we have to earn for live,have to the repeating thing again and again.If we have enough money, I think my world will become colorful,I can do the things I like. I can travell the world,so everday is different,and colorful.