why is it hard to say.. NO?!

December 22, 2008 8:43pm CST
its late at night and all in my household even some of my neighbors were in a deep sleep.then the phone rings, somebodys calling me..i dont want to pick up. i just did my roving in some departments and i did a 16 hour job in that day. i was so tired and stressed, but the phone never stops ringing. so, i hung it .it was my husbands friend Ronnie. he was lloking for him, who turn off his phone then because he dont want me being disturbed. so i woke him up, hes friend were asking him if he could drop by at the pub downtown about 45 minutes drive.his car's engine has a problem. it wont start nd hes too drank to drive all the way to the freeway down to their house. and also if he could stay with us that night.my husband, was looking at me for a sign and even i look away. i know for sure he cant say no. Did you encounter thesame incident too? Cant you also say NO?
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