Chili, hot food, good for/bad to your health?

December 22, 2008 9:12pm CST
I am dealing in Chili in China, but frankly speaking I don't like spicy food very much so if every time I ask the cook not to add chili in my food then they will feel surprised and ask me why don't I like the chili but still dealing in chili. Business is only a way to earn to afford daily life but I don't like spicy food even a little bit. People always say chili is good for your health, but I can't get used to the hot feeling of chili and chili products, How about you? Do you like chili and food with chili as seasonings inside?
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• Germany
26 Dec 08
Hi felixsun. You have the point, business is only a way to earn to afford daily life. I think this applies to most of the people in the world. Well, back to the topic. I love spicy food, especially curry. I have heard that curry is good for curing flu, especially when you have a stuck nose. Perhaps it won't be good if we take too much of chili. But i think basically it's good for health. I was raised by eating spicy food, but i don't eat chilli directly, i like the different types of chilli sauce and curry. Have a nice day and happy mylotting!
• China
27 Dec 08
Hi, Lulumartin.Thanks for the add and also thanks for sharing your experience with me. I like curry, too, I like curry flavor very much. Do you know paprika which is a kind of sweet chili? people alway use it to make sauce or make oleoresin, I think it is good to health, too. :) Happy new year to you, and happy mylotting.
@utsadetti (4589)
• United States
23 Dec 08
I like chilli food very much as long as the taste of chilli is not too strong. I don't like hot food which is hot or fresh from the oven. So far, there is no evidence of chilli food is good for or bad to health.
• China
25 Dec 08
Thanks for your comments. Merry Christmas!
• China
1 May 09
haha,i like chili,in my daily food,i prefer to put some chili,l like the hot taste,no chili,i think i can not eat more......i like the small chili,because of their taste is hot............your opinion is good,i agree to your is only a way to earn to afford daily life.