getting depressed about being incapacitated

December 23, 2008 2:57am CST
well, i am still being forced to rest out my condition. and i am getting depressed. you see i am a self reliant person, very independent, used to do things for myself and for other people by myself. i am paid to do that. but suddenly, in the middle of all my business, i am ordered to rest. actually, i feel good, if not for the ocassional painful attacks. however, i have to rest it out for the sake of the baby i am carrying as i might get premature contractions from the painkillers that i have been taking. i couldn't risk our precious little one because i am only 6 months pregnant. way toooo early. anyway, it is hard for me to ask people for help. but now i have to. i have to ask people to do even the simplest things for me. sigh. but i believe God is teaching me something in this experience. will have to know and learn it soon... please help pray for my speedy recovery. thank you so much everyone! God bless you! :-)
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