Cooking Dinner

December 23, 2008 3:27am CST
From the start of this year, i started to have the "honor" of cooking dinner for the family. The reason, i offered was because, my parents work and come back late. By the time mum gets dinner ready, it's about 9pm. That is VERY LATE and it would disrupt my "diet" plans. I have read and heard from unknown sources or rumours that not eating after 6pm everyday will ensure you to shed some pounds. So anyway, i've offered to cook dinner so i can eat early. HOwever, after a year, i realize i've run out of things to cook. Not run out of food, but the way to cook. Meaning, i have steamed, fried, microwaved and done quite a few interesting methods to cook my chicken or my eggs or my vegs. I've been experimenting and i've realized i'm maxed. do you often have this problem? day after day you scratch your head and go, what should i cook today? How could i cook it?
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